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We’re so happy to have you here at KUKUJE.

We’d like to take you and your dog along on the journey of our cheese treats – a journey that starts in the Himalayas and ends in northern Germany.

Our products

We produce cheese treats for dogs. Our main product, CHURPI, is a crunchy vegetarian chew treat prepared in accordance with traditional Himalayan recipes and methods. We also offer a variety of additional variations on our CHURPI for different needs.

CHURPI -  an alternative to chewing bones

The best of two worlds

For many generations now, Himalayan yak farmers – who live and work at more than 4,500 meters above sea level – have been making hard cheeses out of high-quality yak and cow milk. In order to keep it shelf-stable, the cheese is pressed and dried over a period of several months.

Handmade in Germany

Taking these Nepalese farmers as our example, we now manufacture Churpis in Germany with the strictest of production standards and high-quality Germany milk as our basic ingredient, unadulterated by artificial additives.

Our cheese is packed by hand in burlap sacks and dried over several months. The result? A chewable treat with a very long shelf life and a unique texture.

KUKUJE Churpi: For adult dogs of any breed.
KUKUJE Churpi: For adult dogs of any breed.
  • vegetarian
  • gluten-free
  • lactose-free
  • no artificial additives
  • no added sugar

  • promotes good dental health
  • relaxing and stress-relieving
  • durable, for plenty of chew time

Our production facilities

Here at our headquarters in Norderstedt, we produce our CHURPI cheese using milk from North German cows. Our Nepalese team then processes the cheese by hand using traditional methods.


Questions about our products? Feel free to take a look at our FAQ.

About us

Our managing director, Narendra Shrestha, was born in Nepal in 1974. Narendra came to Germany over 20 years ago, initially working in restaurants. In 2020, the KUKUJE company was founded and now produces and sells its traditional CHURPIs for dogs from its location in Norderstedt, just outside of Hamburg.