FAQ about Churpi cheese dog treats

What are the ingredients in these cheese chews?


Our chew treats are made of nothing but milk. This cheese is rich in protein, contains little fat and provides your dog with nutritious minerals such as calcium.

Why do you use German dairy milk when we hear about all the benefits of yak milk?


There are far fewer yaks around the world than would be needed to produce even close to enough milk for the entire Churpi production line. Marketing yak milk as a food ingredient on an industrial scale is usually just a sales tactic, and its origins are often not presented unambiguously or transparently. We get our milk, which is excellent for producing chewbones, from a dairy farm here in the northern German countryside.

Why is this chew treat lactose-free?


Our cheese treats for dogs are ripened for an extremely long period of time; this is where they get their characteristic hardness, in particular. The longer the cheese is matured, the lower its lactose content. Our cheese ripening process is what makes our cheese naturally lactose-free.

Why does the shade of yellow of the chew treats vary sometimes?


Our chew treats are produced by hand. The yellow color of the cheese is influenced by how long the milk was boiled for. When individual treats are darker, this means that the cheese was cooked for longer.

How do the chew treats get that roughened texture?


The cheese is pressed into a mold that is lined with burlap. This is what creates the characteristic texture that our chew treats are known for.

How should I store these chew treats?


Our products should ideally be taken out of the packaging before being stored in a dark and dry place.

How long will the chew treats last?


When stored correctly, our chew treats are more or less indefinitely edible. We have given them a best-by date of 2 years.

Which size is right for my dog?


We recommend 60 g for dogs weighing up to 20 kg, 90 g for dogs weighing up to 20 – 40 kg and 120 g for dogs over 40 kg.

These recommendations are merely a suggestion for orientation; it depends on your individual dog and their chewing behavior.

What should I do about the little bits of treat left over from chewing?


Place pieces of our chew treats in the microwave briefly to create yummy “cheese popcorn” for your dog.

Wait until the popped bits have cooled down before giving them to your dog.

The chew treats are hard – can my dog injure themselves on them?


Dogs usually consume our chew treats slowly, gnawing them away bit by bit. Like other hard chew treats, there is no danger of injury here. A chew treat gives the dog something to occupy themselves with and also tones their jaw muscles.